Xtreme Bars G-500W

High Strength Xtreme Bars (BS 4449:2005)

Amreli Steels products are manufactured from our own prime quality steel billets. We are producing the following type of reinforcement steel bars as per the British and American quality standards:

Xtreme Bars G-500W

At present, we roll sizes ranging from 9.5mm to 40mm diameter, in regular and specific lengths as per customer requirements. Amreli Xtreme G-500 is the ace of modern construction. The imposing skylines of mega cities like Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok bear testimony to the popularity of 500 MPA bars.

Mechanical Properties of Xtreme Bars G-500W

Product Specifications:

  • Yield strength: 500 MPA (min) [72,500 psi]
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 575 MPA (min) [83,375 psi]
  • Elongation [%]: 14% (min)
  • Amreli Xtreme Bars (ends cut) manufactured to BS 4449-2005

    Other Information:

  • Managed and owned by 3rd generation steel entrepreneurs; trusted since 1972.
  • Computerized weighbridges in the factory and warehouse to ensure accurate weight.
  • All bars are cut to standard sizes, 12-16 meters. Fixed 12cm can also be delivered as per customer requirements.