Testing Facilities

At Amreli Steels great emphasis is placed on rigid quality control policies. Our testing facilities include an electro-hydraulic universal testing machine with a testing capacity of 100 tons in addition to a mechanical 60 ton universal testing machine. The staff of the testing facility is professionally trained by foreign experts to use the machines and deliver accurate results.

The company maintains a modern testing laboratory where each heat produced is tested against International Standards (ASTM A-615 & BS 4449:2005).

Both destructive and non-destructive techniques are used to characterize materials for their mechanical and physical properties. Universal Tensile Strength testing machines are used for these purposes which are calibrated using standards traceable to National and International Standards.

As one of the largest producers of Quality Steel Bars in Pakistan, the company policy is to continually satisfy its Customers in terms of Consistent Quality, Timely Delivery and Excellent Service.

We remain committed to following the international standard requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of ISO standards in our Quality Management System through active participation of all employees and firmly believe in: