Steel is considered as one of the major materials used for infrastructural development throughout the world. Amreli Steels being the largest steel manufacturer of re-bars has a state-of-the-art Steel Melt Shop Plant situated in Dhabeji district of Thatta, Sindh, which is 50 km away from the city of Karachi. Our SMS Plant has a capacity of producing 200000 tons of billets of sizes ranging from 100 x 100 mm sq to 200mm x 200mm sq.

Our SMS Plant produces quality steel billets which meet the international standards for the construction of steel. The standards we follow are BS 4449, ASTM A706 and ASTM A615 and several others as per requirement.

Our main steel melt shop production unit consist of:

1. Induction Furnace (IF) capacity of 28 MT(2 NOS furnace having 2 crucible in each furnace).

2. Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) capacity of 35 MT.

3. Two-Strand Continuous Billet caster of size 6 Meters x 11 Meters.

Our PLC based induction furnaces are completely automated. We purchase high-quality recycled steel scrap that conforms to international standard and charge it through PLC based vibratory feeders.

Our PLC Based Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) has a capacity of 35 MT. The LRF is used for deoxidization and desulphurization of steel, to adjust the temperature of steel and its chemical composition.

The continuous casting machine is the heart of the steel melt shop where our semi-finished product (billet) is made. The CCM consisting of two strands is PLC based having ALMC technology from Europe. Sequence casting services are available 24 hours a day.

We also have a state-of-the-art Shearing Plant imported from Europe, which is used to shear heavy and oversize scrap into small pieces for better performance and efficiency during steel melting process. Vezzani Shear is also a unique plant present in the country that is capable of segregating aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous elements from scrap and helps in the minimization of “Trace Elements”.

Our company has set up the PLC Based air pollution control and dust recovery system to provide good and healthy environment to employees and neighborhood.